You’ve had your insurance policies for years.


Think back 10 or 20 years. A lot has changed, like what you own, your priorities and your wealth. Chances are that your insurance policies haven’t and are protecting you like it’s 1997. Other insurance programs simply don’t protect you and your family as your net worth increases. At Signature Personal Insurance, we understand that your demanding and evolving lifestyle requires equally demanding insurance that evolves with you. It’s not a matter of overpaying; it’s a matter of insuring who you are and where you are in life today.

When do you need Signature Personal Insurance?

For your homes

  • When your home value exceeds $1,000,000 or you plan to purchase a high-value home
  • If you live in an exclusive neighborhood with strict building guidelines
  • When your home includes unusual custom designs and materials
  • When your home is a historic home with unique architectural features or craftsmanship
  • If you own vacation property, a second home or rental property

For your automobiles

  • If you own a high-value automobile, collector car or high performance auto
  • When you own more than five automobiles, your insurance needs change dramatically
  • If you own multiple autos in multiple states
  • When multiple auto ownership creates multiple billing cycles and payment dates

For your personal property

  • If you own jewelry in excess of $25,000
  • If you have collections or art valued over $75,000
  • If you own furs and other items considered high-value

For your special needs

  • If you own property in areas prone to natural disaster including hurricanes, floods, tornados or earthquakes
  • If your net worth exceeds your current liability limits, you may have a need for greater liability coverage
  • “Roper’s private wealth experience has simplified my complex insurance needs in a very cost effective way. His service quality distinguishes him from the competition.”
    E.M., Naples, FL